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Hallmark Sheetmetal Co Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Gold Member

Who we are

Since Hallmark was founded in 1996, we have been passionate about the Company and believe this inspires those that work at here. It's in our DNA!

Above all else we are passionate about great service and this provides us with a strong and compelling drive to serve our customers to the best of our ability, to form bonds that will stand the test of time.


Quality is sadly lacking in our modern lives and frequently we have to accept second-rate Products and suffer the disappointment when they don't match our expectations.

Hallmark has a deeply embedded Quality culture and skill-set coupled with a desire to continually seek improvements to our processes.

Our purpose is to make sure you are never disappointed with the Products we deliver to you.


Most days we're set fresh challenges by our customers - to respond quickly to an urgent new need, to turn-around a new prototype in a matter of days, to revise requirements mid-flow... every day is different!

We realise that change is constant and we need to be flexible enough to react quickly to your needs. We're ready and waiting!

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Services Hallmark Sheetmetal Co Ltd Provide


Laser Cutting

The C1-series Compact Punch / Laser Forming Centre is packed with the very latest technology and is designed to provide high accuracy, high quality and high productivity.

CNC Punching

All punch operators know the importance of tool maintenance on part quality and tool life. The Amada Togu is the solution - an automatic tool grinder designed specifically for high quality grinding of sheet metal tooling.

CNC Bending

Amada's One-Stroke-Tooling system offers an innovative approach to tooling that supports modern Lean Manufacturing continuous flow techniques and optimises efficiency.

Robotic Bending

The Astro fully automates the folding process. It has a payload of 20kg and can manipulate a sheet up to 1800mm x 800mm. It has been developed as a flexible solution for complex high speed forming.


Our skilled and diligent operators use modern equipment (running Windows OS) to count and monitor both the number of sheetmetal inserts used and the total quantity of Products produced.


We offer a range of sheetmetal welding techniques (see below) across a wide range of sheet metal materials. The majority of the work we undertake is light fabrication but we can also offer coded welded practices where required.

Finishing Paint

Hallmark offer a complete finishing service: from a range of surface pre-treatments to a variety of painting and printing options.

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